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"His large portfolio of unreleased, club-focussed rollers, are well known to many keen-eared listeners to Rinse FM and NTS. However, after his long-awaited debut 12” arrived last year on Berlin-based Version, and with a release-packed schedule in 2019, he stands poised to deliver on his undoubted potential."

It doesn’t take long to notice Borai’s over-whelming passion for sound. The Bristol based artist has been flinging himself into every possible avenue of musical activity since first being bitten by the jungle bug in the early 90s. 


As a recording artist, he has already built up a strong array of releases that touch upon his love of house music, channeled through his embrace of hardware-focused production. Berlin-based labels Jackoff and Retrofit have presented Borai tracks across a spread of 12”s, while in the US he has delivered singles to Tasteful Nudes, Argot Records’ internationally-focused sister label, as well as contributing to Volume 4 of the Cahoots series. Closer to home, a lasting partnership with fellow Bristolian October has resulted in lauded releases for labels such as Simple, Applepips, BRSTL and more besides. 

Outside of his studio endeavours, Borai has been DJing for more than 15 years, bringing an effusive energy to any number of styles from dancehall to dubstep through to house and of course his first love, jungle. This melting pot of inspirational reference points simmer into his creative DNA, equally fuelled by years spent working in record shops across Bristol. 

Alongside his personal studio work, he has also immersed himself in the arcane world of dubplate cutting at Bristol’s Dubstudio. It’s this diversity of engagement with sonics that makes Borai such an interesting character within the rapid-fire, disposable culture of so much electronic music. Set him off talking about dub mixing tricks on analogue desks and you’ll just as likely wind up discussing the finer points of Helter Skelter rave tapes from 1992. Taking such timeless cues and embracing the eclectic nature of the modern dance, Borai’s future looks to be just as bright as his present.

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